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Done For You Technical & Funnel Support
Exclusively for
10XPRO.io Members

Starting at $247/month

Here are just some of the tasks that we can help you with:

Initial Setup

Global Settings,  payment gateway connections and general account setup for your 10XPRO.io account.

Leverage Automation!

10XPRO.io has a number of different landing pages, course templates and sales pages that you can leverage!


Updates to Your Landing Pages

New copywriting? New email sequences to load? New pictures to swap out, we can do that!

New Course Setup

You create the content, we take care of the tech by setting up your latest online course so that you can make more sales!

Challenges Setup

Do you have a new Lead Gen Challenge in the works? We can set that up for you!


Organize Your Forum

One of the very best perks about 10XPRO.io is the ability to setup your own “social platform” / forum, let us do that for you!

Got A New Course in the Works?

10XPRO.io is an all in one solution to help you easily and efficiently set up your course. But maybe you just want to turn it over to a trusty team that will get it done, so you can focus on creating. With Mighty Real Media, just request a task and we’ll take over to make things happen. 

Looking to Keep Things Lean? 

Outsourcing provides you with more time to work in your Zone of Genius, ON your business, not IN your business. 

We can take over your 10XPRO.io tasks so that you have more time for more business building ideas as you ponder possibility. With your latte in tow, you can leave the tech stuff to us.  

Ready to Start Your Membership & Grow Your Tribe?

No more Facebook Groups (that’s so 2010!) and hoping that your posts are seen! One of the best features of 10XPRO.io is their Forums and community building focus. Build your community safely & easily in 10XPRO.io! We can help with that!

Managing Your Tech Doesn’t Have to Be Daunting.

The reality is that you’ll never get to those results you so desire unless you free up your time to work ON your business. 

Outsourcing those things that are not part of your core competencies creates greater efficiencies in your business. 

When can you start outsourcing? The answer is: sooner than you think! 

Click on the button below to take your business to a new level by outsourcing your 10XPRO.io tasks to the Mighty Real team. 

"As a Doctor, my sole focus and attention is on the care of my patients. The last thing I want to worry about is my tech. The trusty team at Mighty Real Media saves me time and money!"


– Dr. Christine, The Digestion Doc

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