Meet Patty Dominguez

A die-hard entrepreneur with an unwavering dedication to her Core Values:  Freedom, Contribution & Prosperity.  Patty is the Founder of Mighty Real Media.

In 2012, Patty left her cushy job as a Fortune 50 Corporate Executive, managing a billion dollars in spend over her eighteen-year career working with the world’s biggest consumer goods brands. She now brings her strategic thinking coupled with innovative and cutting edge digital marketing strategies to her clients.

Her greatest passion is in helping aspiring entrepreneurs become a “Category of One” in their niche. You can find out more about her coaching and membership through, Prolific.Cafe. 

When not working, you can find Patty sipping coffee, reading books and working really hard to figure out the whole “work/life” balance thing between work and family.  Although she admits, she’s getting a lot better at it…