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No need to go through tutorials, just submit your request and we’ll do the rest. 

Once you’ve set up 10XPRO.io, here’s how the Subscription works:

Step 1:  When You Join, You’ll Get Access to Our Client Task Portal Via Email

You’ll get immediate access to our Client Task Portal so you can post the details of your task, uploads and any special instructions. You can also record a quick Loom video (free Chrome Extension/plugin) so that we capture the exact details of your request.

Step 2:   We work on the Tech in 10XPRO.io until the task is completed

Internally, you will have your task managed, and audited for accuracy within business days from receipt of your request.  You get your request back and we provide edits as needed.

Step 3:  You stop… breathe a sigh of relief and remember just how smart you are for bringing on the Mighty Real team!

The good news is that we’re here ready and willing for when the next task comes up.  


Here’s a List of Tasks We Can Do


Tech Stuff

  • Setup Your 10XPRO.io account
  • Build a Lead Magnet Funnel (2 Pages)
  • Set up Your Order Forms
  • Add Order Bump to Check Out Page 
  • Adding a 10XPRO.io content upgrade box to your Blog Posts
  • Update your Forum content (you provide the content, of course
  • Duplicate existing Funnel 
  • Add one-click upsell page 
  • Add pixels to 10XPRO.io Pages 
  • Setup one-click optin
  • Setup Launch Campaign 
  • Setup Audience Booster
  • Setup Auto-Webinar Booster 
  • Add Social Wall Page
  • Add Podcast post
  • Setup Viral Campaign 

and much more…



  • Integrate with Email System 
  • Adding your vanity domain to 10XPRO.io 
  • Uploading mp3’s, PDFs 
  • Duplicating an existing funnel
  • Order Page payment plan setup
  • Adding Promo Codes to Your Order Form
  • Adding a one-click upsell page
  • Connect your email series to your email marketing tool
  • Setup An Affiliate to your Account 
  • Setup Tax Calculations 
  • Add new Blog to 10XPRO.io Blog Page 
  • Setup Gamification Badge to Your Course 
  • Setup Webhooks 
  • Troubleshoot broken links, tags, video setup 


and much more… 

"Wow! Super fast ...

–  Andrew Kavanagh, Wyse Choices

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