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Frequently Asked Questions


Do you Guarantee Your Work?

Give Our Membership a Test run… Sign up, submit your task and experience how we work for yourself.

We offer an initial 10-day guarantee where you test out our service… risk free.

If you are not happy with the work the team provides, then we simply don’t deserve your money.

You can cancel and request a full refund.

There’s absolutely no risk to you, sounds fair, right?

What do you consider an active "task"?

A small change, edit to your page or addition to your 10XPRO.io account.  Any supporting connections such as Zapier, your Email Service Provider (supported by 10XPRO.io) are included in the scope of what we can help with.

Need full sales page?  Full funnel? Please email:  patty@mightyrealmedia.com as this would require a custom quote vs. subscription. 

Do you provide pictures for my pages?

We will provide royalty-free pictures if you do not provide pictures for us. 

How many edits do we get?

You can request edits, changes, etc., This constitutes an active task, so however many edits you need, we’re happy to comply to make sure it’s exactly as you would like it to be.

Can I share my tasks with a friend?

No, unfortunately, this is not possible. Each monthly membership is for that paying member. 

Can you provide copywriting for emails or pages?

No, we do not provide copywriting services. However, we do have a short list of recommended 3rd party copywriters who can help you with your copy needs. 

What if I still have questions?

No problem!  You can schedule a coffee chat with our Founder, Patty Dominguez to pick the date and time that works best for you.  Please note, this is for first-time customers only (one time call available).

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